Our Origins

Many of the greatest Italian businesses are family affairs, so that is why family remains at the heart of Profumi D’Italia Marketing;
the exclusive importers and distributors in South Africa of Italy’s acclaimed Bottega wines and spirits.

Started in 2005 by Franco Vignazia, who was born in the Italian village of Lessona in the Piedmont wine region,
Profumi D’Italia Marketing was launched with the simple goal of introducing the finest Italian products to the South African market.
The business flourished and three years later his daughter Giuliana joined the company;
a passionate Italian family business was born on the shores of
South Africa focussing on sourcing premium quality products from Italy.

For the family-focussed Profumi D’Italia, Bottega has proven to be the ideal flagship brand for their portfolio.
Acclaimed throughout Italy and sold in 150 countries worldwide,
the Bottega business has been in the same family for nearly a century
“and it’s known as a premium, high-end brand underpinned by family values,”

Profumi D’Italia specialises in importing a range of quality Wine, Grappa and Prosecco products from Italy;
including a spectrum of exquisite-tasting Pure Alexander Grappa,
Bottega Chocolate Grappa Liqueurs, Bottega Fruit Grappa Liqueurs, Bottega Prosecco and Sparkling wines.
Profumi D’italia now has a very wide portfolio range that also features premium products such as
Voga Italia Wines, Biostilla Gin, Merwida wines, and Lambrusco.

Mission and values

Profumi D’Italia is a family run business where employees become family.
Our mission is to introduce South African consumers to Italian products of quality, taste, beauty and experience.
“We built up Profumi D’Italia to focus on family values, integrity, and passion for a quality products.
My passion is working with good people, working with quality products,
and creating relationships with our business partners.” says our Managing Director Giuliana Abrahamse Vignazia.